Plan Archdale


Plan Archdale is the City's current Comprehensive Plan that sets the "blueprint" for the future of Archdale with a bold, clear vision and a series of strategic goals to help make this vision happen. Plan Archdale acts as the City's primary policy guide for future land use development, capital investment, and growth management decisions over the next decade and beyond.

Adopted in December of 2020, Plan Archdale is the result of year-long collaborative effort between Archdale citizens, the Plan Archdale steering committee, City Staff, and elected officials. The resulting plan places a clear emphasis on the City's strong sense of community and mission to provide a high quality of life for all residents. To accomplish the task of providing a blueprint for future growth and development, while maintaining the high quality of life that is core to Archdale, the plan identifies four major focus areas that serve as goals for the future of the City. These four areas of the plan are:

  • Creating a More Livable and Inclusive Community
  • Building a Strong, Diverse, and Resilient Economy
  • Managing Growth in a Vibrant and Dynamic City
  • Fostering a Sense of Place