Development Applications & Information

Archdale's Planning Department is responsible for the review of development projects ranging from individual buildings to large-scale residential subdivisions. The goal of the section is to help you determine which development approval process is applicable to your project.

Permitting for Individual Buildings & Lots

Zoning permits may be required for some construction on lots within Archdale's zoning jurisdiction. This page contains regulatory information regarding permitting of development and additions to individual lots.

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Minor & Exempt Subdivisions 

Subdivisions that do not result in the creation of new public streets are subject to review and approval by Archdale's Planning Department. Information regarding this approval process can be found in this section.

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Major Subdivisions

Major subdivisions represent the subdivision of land that cannot be classified as a minor subdivision. These subdivisions are subject to a review by City Staff and are ultimately approved by Archdale's City Council This section provides an overview of the application process for major subdivisions and associated development.

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Water & Sewer Extension

Application information for water and sewer extensions.

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