Fire Hydrant Testing

During the flow testing of fire hydrants throughout the city, the City of Archdale and the Guil-Rand Fire Department receive inquiries regarding sediment in the water. The hydrant program is conducted annually for the Insurance Services Office (ISO) requirements.

About the ISO

The ISO is an agency which rates fire departments and also requires that fire hydrants be inspected for proper operation at least one time per year. Hydrant flow test records are checked regularly by the ISO to help determine your fire department’s class rating. 

These ratings are based on a 1 through 10 grading system, 1 being the best rating and 10 the least. The Guil-Rand Fire Department has a rating of 4. By conducting programs such as hydrant testing, ratings may be improved which may lower insurance premium rates for commercial buildings and may also reduce residential insurance rates as well.

Current Year Testing

This year the hydrant testing/flushing will begin on Monday October 10, 2011. Flow testing will take place daily, Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 3 pm This will continue while weather permits. Once the weather turns cold, testing will cease and will resume again in early spring 2012.

During the time of testing you may notice that your water is brown. If so, turn on your outside spigot or run water in your bath tub for approximately 5 minutes to clear out the water line. In regards to doing laundry, do not dry your clothes if they appear to have rust stains on them. Please re-wash laundry if this occurs.

Fire Hydrant Permit