Field of Honor

We are planning our first Field of Honor at Creekside Park. The Field of Honor is a flag display event. We plan to display at least 50 flags for the week of Memorial Day! Each flag will be on a 6’ pole and will have a tag In MemoryField of honor Of a service member who is no longer with us. Memorial tags will tied to the pole with a yellow ribbon. If you would like to sponsor a flag, please fill out this form. Sponsorships are $15. This price covers your flag for as long as it is in good condition. We will store it and put it up for you every year. Flags will be on display in the field beside the library, beginning on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and will remain up for one week (depending on weather).

CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR A FLAG! Sponsorships can be found under Special Events.  Or if you prefer to pay via Check you can fill out this form and send it in. If you would like to purchase more than one flag, please call the front desk at 336-434-7315.