For those seeking a career in law enforcement, the Archdale Police Department offers an outstanding opportunity. The Department is committed to equal employment opportunity and supports affirmative action throughout the recruitment and selection process.

The Archdale Police Department relies on its non-sworn personnel to help complete its quality of service to the citizens of Archdale.

Applicant Requirements

Non-sworn applicants must be successful in the following areas:

  • Background Investigation
  • Computer Literacy
  • Drug Screening
  • Physical
  • Typing test

Applying Online

The Archdale Police Department offers the challenge and opportunity of providing public service to a rapidly growing community. For those seeking a career in law enforcement, the Department provides the challenge of a demanding profession, an opportunity for career advancement, a commitment to excellence, along with a comprehensive benefits package.

If you are interested in applying, an application packet may be picked up at the Police Department 24/7 or you can download and print an application here:


Newly-employed officers must successfully complete an intensive 16-week field training program. Once the first year probationary period is complete, the new officer will find many opportunities available. Positions in the Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Training functions are filled through lateral entry, rather than promotion. Lateral transfers allow the Department to move officers into areas that best suit the needs of the agency and the interest of the officer.

The Career Ladder Program allows officers to earn more pay through completion of training, educational and time-in-grade requirements. Promotional positions are also available to those eligible for advancement.