What qualifies as a "junked" or "nuisance" vehicle?

Junked vehicles are vehicles that do not display a current license plate and:

  • Are partially dismantled or wrecked; or
  • Cannot be self propelled or moved in the manner in which it was originally intended to move; or
  • Is more than 5 years old and appears to be worth less than $100

Nuisance vehicles are vehicles that pose a health and safety hazard or public nuisance. This includes vehicles that are:

  • A breeding ground for mosquitoes, rats, or other pests; or
  • A point of heavy growth of weeds or grass over 12 inches in height; or
  • A point of collection of pools or ponds of water; or
  • A point of concentration of quantities of gas, oil, or other flammable materials; or
  • Situated in such a way to be in danger of falling or turning over; or
  • Is a point of collection of garbage, solid waste, or any other rotten/putrid matter; or
  • Contain sharp or jagged edges of metal or glass


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