Our Organization

The employee population of the City of Archdale is made up of 70 individuals in regular full-time and part-time roles. In addition to the regular staff there are 7 elected officials (a Mayor and six council members), as well as a City Manager.

Employees of the City work in various areas within the organization. Often it is good to pull away from strict departmental roles and come together, at least for a short time. In order to promote teamwork, cooperation and camaraderie HR conducts team building session throughout the year.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of HR is to provide a creative and high energy environment in which to work, learn, and serve the community. We know each employee by their first name and want them to have a balanced and healthy work life. To that end, we strive to provide events and opportunities for the employees of Archdale to promote cohesion and morale enhancement.

Current Activities

United Way Campaign

The United Way Campaign is carried out annually beginning in the fall of the year. Archdale is proud to be a pacesetter organization. This means our employees get the local United Way off to a great start before any other campaigns commence. We hold an annual United Way Celebration event to recognize the organizational successes, along with personal goal increases.

Wellness Initiative

A Wellness Initiative is prepared by our wellness team every plan year. The program consists of wellness seminars, flu clinic, health fair and health assessments. Together, these activities are educational and meaningful. They keep topics like "eating healthy" and "reducing cholesterol" in front of employees, encouraging participants to make better lifestyle choices.

Employee Christmas Lunch

Employee Christmas Lunch is the most well attended employee event of the year, held annually in December. It allows department heads and managers a chance to recognize and honor employees who have achieved special milestones with the City.

Employee Appreciation Lunch

The Employee Appreciation Lunch is held annually in the spring. It’s another venue allowing the City Council and City Management a chance to thank staff for their service efforts. The meal, picnic style, is informal and is a great socializing event for departments that don’t normally see each other throughout the year.